Why Raven Business Transformations?

The word “raven” has a rich variety of meanings around the world. In the summer of 2016 I went on a road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway in the United States, ending up in British Columbia, Canada. I got inspired there by the First Nations tribes. They regard the raven as a symbol for transformation and change, which is at the very heart of my business.


Many other world cultures also associate the raven with positive qualities, such as curiosity, intelligence, guidance, adaptability, strong social skills and new beginnings. But the raven has darker meanings, too. With the introduction of Christianity to Europe, for example, the raven became a symbol of superstition and dark forces.


This duality in meaning resonates with the realities of the journey I guide people through. The path towards greater organizational diversity and inclusion is generously strewn with success and benefits, but challenges, too, will be met along the way. Using “raven” as part of the name reflects this duality of challenge and reward as well as of the multiplicity of perspectives this work invites into each organization.