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While I am still advising organizations on a holistic approach to Diversity & Inclusion, my experience in the field for more than 13+ years suggests that when it comes to Gender Diversity there is still a lot of work to do on an organizational as well as individual level. That is why my business will have a very special focus on this Diversity dimension going forward. The McKinsey study "Women in the Workplace 2018" also confirms that progress on Gender Diversity has stalled and that companies need to turn good intentions into concrete actions


While the McKinsey study is one of the most comprehensive annual studies for the North American market, it is relevant to the realities here in Europe. Through my experience and interaction with many other D&I thought leaders I am very much aware of the challenges and realities that companies are facing. There are fundamental focus areas that affect all industries.


Many of my projects during my Corporate career focused on how to advance women in a very male-dominant environment and technical industry. My key activity last year was to be the Program Director and Mentor for a women-only leadership journey within a global pharmaceutical company through my partner network GAIA Insights. The 12-month learning journey was conducted by a diverse range of international experts from various fields bringing women who are already high up in the organization in touch with their own BEING as a leader. The learning curriculum and overall experience was -in the words of the participating women -transformational. The rating was an overwhelming 9.6 out of 10.

Tiara International

As a result of this experience I am now collaborating  with Tiara International, located in the USA and the Netherlands. Tiara specializes in Women’s Leadership Development and has developed thought leadership and many tools to guide women at all levels in their career through insightful inquiry to the core of their inspiration and with that to the core of the leader they are and choose to be. For organisations as well as individual women it takes courage to tackle the challenges that come with Gender Diversity and move from talk to action. Our Wildflower Program unleashes potential and brings out women's  confidence in their own way of being that will make them more fulfilled and successful. 

Gender Talk

My signature workshop that I developed this past year is called “Gender Talk”. I have brought this workshop to a couple of Women's Networks in Germany. It is focused on the different communication styles of women and men and how the difference may have an impact in a business context.

Shakti Leadership

My newest endeavour focuses on Shakti Leadership, a new model that brings a fresh perspective and helpful answers to the topic of Gender Diversity. Shakti Leadership is looking at embracing masculine and feminine power in business. It is relevant to all genders and can be addressed as an inspirational key note and/or part of a learning curriculum. 

Click here for an overview of available D&I services and various delivery formats. For your reference this information is also available as a pdf document to download.

Top Tip for Your Women's Networks

Do you have a women's network at your organization and find it challenging at times to keep your members  engaged? Tiara‘s Women Leadership Resource Circle engages women globally and accompanies them on their leadership journey. You can support the women in your network with a membership at an extremely affordable rate. This will free up the leader of your women's network to focus on other important work within their network as they often spend a lot of their time to come up with these impulses for their members. All  benefit from the membership, get inspirations on a monthly basis and gain access to an international women's network.

On Tiara's virtual platform smart, capable, committed, funny, interesting women around the world are coming together, sharing in the turmoil and the triumph. As it is virtual there is no need for any extra trips to an event location which we know stops many women from extra engagements. This is easy and convenient to attend and yet provides a depth of exposure to get inspired and grow as a leader. 


 Read more about the Resource Circle and sign up for a free 1-month trial.


After your 30-day Free Trial, membership is only $15 a month per person.


For large organizations get in touch for a special package price and special content that can be tailored to your needs. 

From small to bigger steps on your journey towards Diversity & Inclusion I would love to partner with you and see how far we can go together. I am very well aware that many companies shy away from "women-only“ interventions however, the time is now to rethink this paradigm and I would love to have a conversation with you if you are having a similar struggle in how to position this within your organization. Otherwise, I am happy to step right into the conversation on how Raven Business Transformations can help you transform your business.


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