Raven Business Transformations helps organizations of all sizes grow through harnessing the dynamic powers of diversity and inclusion. We provide consulting, training, project management and coaching to help you work towards the right mix of talent (diversity) and to get that mix to work well together (inclusion). We believe that the more diverse your team, the stronger your organization — and research backs us up.

How can your organization benefit from increasing diversity and inclusion?

· Access to a broader pool of talent

· Accelerated change, adaptability, innovation and growth

· Increased operational efficiency

· A stronger brand, with greater access to customers, suppliers 

  and markets

· More inspiring leaders and engaged, high-performing employees

· Greater global leverage

· A more open and productive flow of communication

Turning theory into action

As a theory, diversity and inclusion is well-researched and compelling. Our specialty is turning that theory into a series of action steps fitted to the needs and challenges of your unique workplace. Diversity and inclusion is not a one-size-fits-all solution or a quick fix. This change-management process is a journey.


To achieve greater diversity, we develop a strategy for your organization to tap into a deeper pool of talent. For greater inclusion, we help you create a workplace culture that will integrate each person’s skills, abilities and perspectives. We set you up with a core set of global practices for leadership and employee involvement as well as with systems for prioritization and accountability.


Our vision for your transformative journey is to create a more capable and engaged work force so your organization can achieve greater innovation and market leadership. Our goal is for you to not only be more adaptable in this era of rapid change, but for your business to grow and thrive. Our passion is to guide your organization through this journey to a more inclusive workplace, where each person can contribute with all of their talents — not in spite of their differences, but because of them.