Gender Talk

In private as well as in business life a lot comes down to how we communicate. Looking at the communication styles of women and men is quite revealing for some of the misperceptions we often can see and experience.  

This workshop highlights some of the key differences. It is not meant to ask for anyone to adapt to a respective style. It is meant to shine some light on the different styles to better understand what is going on and make your personal choice rather than wonder what is happening. For those in the non-dominant group (I am talking here especially about women being in a mostly male dominated business world) it may be like getting to know the rules of the game. Application can be seen like learning a new language. You are not loosing your own, yet you walk in an understanding and choice of your reaction. 


This workshop can be conducted as a 2 hour format face-to-face or virtual. Plan for some extra time if you want to have some more deep dive and exchange.