You are looking to unleash potential? 


Women around the globe have come a long way, and yet there is still quite a way to go.


Wildflowers represent the COURAGE, STRENGTH and BEAUTY we see in Women today.

The business world leans heavily towards a masculine ideal of success measures. Many women feel they have to "man-up" in order to fit into this masculine business world. However, the dynamics in the business world are shifting towards competencies that are often described as more feminine. Today, companies are moving away from hierarchically organized processes to matrix structures. Important leadership competencies for successful and sustainable companies in the 21st century are different from those of 20 years ago. This is not always easy, because these new working cultures have to find their way to function. As with any change, it can be disruptive at first.


The topic of Gender Diversity brings up a lot of emotions and misconceptions. Do we dare to face those or do we prefer to look away and remain stuck in the outdated paradigm? Programs that are focused on women-only immediately trigger the polarised views of those who are rigorously against them and those who support. We are in an evolutionary phase where the role of women (not only in the business world) is ready to move to the next level.


Now is the time to break with the old paradigm and unleash the full potential that is out there. Having the COURAGE to call this out and consciously engaging in a women-only leadership journey. Being STRONG and understanding that this does not mean leaving men behind, as the work that needs to be done does not stop here. Eventually, it is about balancing the masculine and the feminine, as all genders have all of these qualities within them all the time. The Wildflower Program is about awakening the flower to blossom to the BEAUTY it is meant to be. 

For organizations

Are you ready to actively engage in a program that will bring your female workforce in touch with the true being of their leadership? This learning journey addresses Personal Leadership the  foundational muscle of any leadership development program. The program is conducted in a women-only group at this point of the leadership curriculum which provides the safe space necessary for participants to open up to the deepest level possible and acknowledges a frame of reference that is true for women in particular. 


This journey can be tailored to the needs of your organization.  It can be a purely web based delivery or combined with face-to-face sessions. 


You or your organization feel some resistance towards any  "-only" programs? Please continue reading by clicking “more” for a comprehensive rationale or reach out so that we can talk. 

For individuals

You are having the feeling that something is missing for you?  You are very successful in your career, yet do not really know how and why you got where you are and if it is the place you want to be in? 


This is your journey if you want to allow yourself to dive deeply into your most inner awareness, purpose and inspiration. This journey holds the potential to transform you for your professional as well as personal life. 


Women today in the business world want to be authentic leaders. Like Wildflowers, women do not want to adopt the style of a dominant group but to grow in our style and unfold another version of beauty that is needed to achieve balance and wholeness. 


We can engage in individual coaching sessions or form a group with other women sharing the desire to grow. 


Reach out and we will talk about the options.