With Raven Business Transformations by Christina Gottschau I follow my very personal leadership credo to create trusting and inclusive environments where people feel safe to fully contribute and live up to their potential. 


This is the journey I take on with individuals and organizations who wish to do the same. 


This often may require courageous actions to address systemic issues and always questions the status quo. 

My vision for successful and sustainable companies is that they are: 


In the mix of their workforce, teams, and boards 


In all ways of interaction and treating each other within their workforce, stakeholder and the markets they serve 


In their way of working, approaching ideas and implementation 

They are also ready to face the digital transformation, embrace new ways of working, and profitable by serving not only their own merit but also the greater good of this world we all live in. 

Every change is significantly supported by the contribution and commitment of all people involved. Consciously embracing leadership strength not only applies to the officially named leadership roles, but begins with each individual through the power of choice in the decisions we make every day. Big or small. 


For all Leaders that hold an actual such role this requires even more to know and lead from their best self and consciously embracing their role model behavior. 


Change also often involves a duality of challenge and reward. A multiplicity of perspectives call for attention and savvy decision making that is free of personal ego. 

And here is how I can help you along the way: 

Consulting Diversity and Inclusion, Beratung Vielfalt & Einbeziehung, Inklusion
Training for Diversity and Inclusion and Training for Leadership Development, Vielfalt & Einbeziehung, Inklusion, Führungskräfteentwicklung
Coaching Individuals, Executive Coaching, Team Coaching, Business Coaching, Persönlichkeitsentwicklung

Qualities I bring to every project

I’m passionate about bringing these qualities to every project:

  • Listening — My #1 priority is staying attuned to everyone’s needs, from shop floor to executive management
  • Authenticity — I bring hands-on experience in organizational processes and change
  • Planning — I help you build a solid strategy and engage stakeholders
  • Endurance — I keep going in the face of barriers, always holding the big picture
  • Preparation — I minimize stress by showing up with everything you’ll need to take action
  • Solution oriented — No point complaining, let’s just get on with it!
  • Reliable – You can count on me that I do what I say

To view my full career details and peer recommendations, please see my profile on LinkedIn.

Be courageous. Stay curious. Get in touch.

Clear. Inclusive. Deep.