To help bring out the potential in people I have invested a lot of time and energy to learn from the best and compliment the practical experience I gained in my so far 30+ years of working. Whether you hold an actual leadership role or not you can benefit from my coaching to gain a better understanding about where you stand right now, who you are and want to be. 


A glimpse into my personal learning path: 


I have completed the Erickson Coaching International summer intense program in Vancouver, Canada on solution focused coaching. Another 12 months I have run through the True Leadership Coaching Model by Tiara International. I am a certified Change Maker by Shakti Leadership and the University of San Diego, a 9-month global advanced leadership program for Women. And, last but not least, I completed the Certified Agile Leadership I class run by the Scrum Alliance in 2020. 

At the core of every transformation is change. And change starts on an individual level.


Change starts with YOU.

You and your team may benefit from coaching if:

  • Your organization is experiencing significant change and transition
  • You haven’t been able to build a great team you trust
  • Revenue and growth is not where you want it to be
  • You’re not clear on where you need or want to be in five years
  • You are working too hard for the results you’re getting
  • Your team is experiencing conflict or performance-related challenges
  • You’re not enjoying your work as much as you once did
  • You struggle to balance your professional and personal lives

These kinds of challenges are common for leaders, and for any business. We’ve all been there. What counts is how we respond.


Here’s what highly successful leaders know: to get better results, you must be committed to growing, learning, refocusing and doing things differently. Coaching is a powerful tool for building these commitments.


In my coaching, I invite individuals and teams into a creative partnership. Together, we focus on designing and implementing specific, meaningful changes in your personal and professional life, including:

  • Expanding your professional flexibility
  • Bringing more creativity to your work
  • Developing closer, more effective relationships
  • Living a deeper, richer, more meaningful life

Whether you know it or not, you already possess an abundance of creative inspiration. What I do in 1-on-1 coaching is help you mobilize it in your daily life.


In every coaching conversation, my goals are to empower you to:

1. Engage in self-discovery

2. Establish achievable goals

3. Determine a course of action

4. Achieve your goals

For your team and organization, I apply my real-world experience with best business practices and productive environments to increase team communication, collaboration and motivation.


I encourage the team to appreciate each individual’s unique style of emotional and intellectual intelligence and value the differences in the ways they each think, communicate and react. These very differences can become the team’s sustainable source of strength, creativity and productivity

What can Solution-Focused Coaching do for you

The Solution-Focused approach is an elegant pathway to greater choice and change. We are looking forward, not back.


Solution-Focused Coaching guides you to a clearer understanding of your unique path and gives you a framework and process for linking your value-driven dreams to strategic thinking.


As a Solution-Focused Coach, I empower you to stay on target when a decision seems overwhelmingly complex, by helping you identify and track key parameters and guide you through the stages of change.


I look forward to coaching you to reach your full potential!


If you’d like further understanding of what the coaching process involves, it may help to read about what coaching is NOT.


If you are curious to see if my coaching style and business experience meet your needs, please contact me and set up a complementary call.