About Me


Hello, my name is Christina Gottschau and I am a solopreneur and freelancer. With Raven By Tina I serve private coaching clients and with Raven Business Transformations I work with organizations as DEI consultant and trainer.

Resume Highlights

  • Solopreneur and Freelancer since 2017 as Life and Business Coach, Diversity & Inclusion Management Consultant and Trainer, as well as Project Management
  • Attuned to lifelong learning, with special interest in psychology, coaching, leadership development, neuroscience, epigenetics, pain research, physical fitness, and nutritional sciences
  • Corporate background (16 years) in various HR roles: HR Generalist, Employee Communications and 11 years as Workforce Diversity Manager EMEA at Johnson Controls Inc. at that time a multi-industry Fortune 100 company in Automotive Supply, Facility Management and Batteries
  • Experience in implementing numerous successful projects and programs at regional and international levels, from executive to shop floor
  • Proven problem solver with highly developed analytical and strategic planning skills and a good dose of creativity
  • Experience coordinating events through a first career in the hotel industry
  • Adventurous and love to travel; highlights include a solo road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway in North America
  • Resume in detail (see my profile on LinkedIn)

If you like to know even more about me

The majority of my professional career has taken place in the corporate world. My great passion has always been diversity and inclusion. In corporate jargon, the discipline is now widely known as Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI for short). In everything I do, I am committed to creating a trusting environment where everyone can feel safe to contribute with their unique strengths.


Since 2016 I have started my journey as a coach. I started my training at Erickson Coaching International in Vancouver, Canada as a Solution Focused Coach. This was followed by my certification as a Lead True Model (SM) Coach through Tiara International (USA & NL) and a one-year training in psychological basics from German psychology study contents through ComCare, Germany. As the topic of resilience is of particular importance to me, I also obtained further certification in this area through the Academy for Health & Sports.


My participation in a personal development program as a Global Change Maker in the Shakti Leadership Program has also had a great influence on my thinking. This particularly addresses my interest in gender diversity, which will also continue to be with me throughout my life. This has also given rise to the importance of Conscious Capitalism, according to which we should not only pursue economic interests in all solutions, but also think of the interests of all stakeholders and the environment.


Since 2022 I have been deepening my knowledge of working with trauma. In no way can I or do I want to replace the important work of trained psychologists. For a good coach, however, I see it as particularly important to be able to draw clear boundaries. For this I have to be able to see them.


The knowledge I have gained through my qualifications and the experiences from my personal life story is something I would like to share and pass on, helping us to make healthy decisions that make us and the world a little better. 


By a huge coincidence, I came across NeuroGraphika® in March 2024, which immediately fascinated me and now perfectly complements my portfolio. We all have creativity within us, but most of us haven't lived it out since childhood.  It's definitely time to change that.

I look forward hearing from you!

Clear. Inclusive. Deep.