Diversity & Inclusion Consulting


My heart and passion as well as longest corporate career is within the field of Diversity & Inclusion.


Whether you’re a small, medium, or large company, driving successful change in diversity and inclusion is not easy.


This is especially true considering the many core dimensions of Diversity: Age, Gender, Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation, Ableness, and Religion. Even broader: include diversity in thinking styles, education, and basically everything that makes us our unique self. Also, aspirations are high: inclusion means creating a workplace culture that embraces difference and is open to all employees bringing in their full potential.


Building that inclusive workplace holds many challenges. They are on the structural level of your organization, like e.g. the type of your industry, the processes within your organization and very basic on the human level, too.

This is where I step in: I can help you break down this complexity by helping you understand where and how the different dimensions and challenges are related to business. Even more importantly: we will have a look how your business is currently addressing these dimensions and challenges, and where your  individual business holds a potential for improvement.


While there is no magic formula to solve all these challenges at once, there is plenty of room to strategically address elements by implementing a sustainable Diversity Management practice.


Together, we look at your status quo, define your goals and develop a roadmap with step-by-step strategies for achieving them. There is not a one-size-fits-all solution or process. My work is to design a strategy that fits the specific challenges and needs of your business.


Why would you invest in Diversity & Inclusion?

Investing in a workplace that taps into a diverse and therefore deeper pool of talent, with equal opportunities, and an inclusive culture that welcomes the diversity of thoughts and perspectives, pays off. Organizations that engage in an active Management of Diversity and Inclusion outperform their peers. Numerous studies back this up.


To sum it up – it pays off:

  • on the individual level: with happier, more fulfilled and engaged employees
  • the team level: with increased productivity, creativity and innovation
  • the organizational level: with additional bottom-line shareholder value

The Vision

These following two statements represent my vision for you:

  • workplaces where people can contribute with all of their skills and talents
  • organizations that thrive on all levels

Ready for the journey?

I like to emphasize to every client: increasing workplace diversity and inclusion is a journey, not a quick fix. I meet you exactly where you are, here and now, and help you create a roadmap based on your specific needs.

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast"

This is a quote by Peter Drucker. It is one of my favorite quotes and perfectly expresses what is going to happen if a cultural change program is just a superficial makeover or a lip service by a fancy business report. Diversity and Inclusion ideally is part of your overall strategy and tied to other programs and functions within your organization.


If you are willing to really have a look at your organization, I am here for you to join you on your journey.