Discover Your Personal GPS

This seminar series is developed for a group of ideally 10 to 12 participants. A special focus is on women, though this workshops can also be conducted with mixed-gender groups. 


The series is structured in a way that we either start with a one-day workshop or spread it over two online sessions as a foundation session. These then run for 3 hours each, at intervals of one week. 


During the day workshop or the Foundation Sessions, we create with each participant their individual, so-called 'Integrated Leadership Compass'. The compass will be supplemented by more in-depth insights during the following three webinars.

Lead True Leadership Model

The full seminar curriculum follows the Lead True Model (SM)

With the three levels: 


Awareness: Know Yourself

Accomplishment: Produce Results

Influence: Be Powerful


The Model for True Leadership (SM) is grounded in the belief that people desire inspired, meaningful lives. 


At the model’s center resides Inspiration, the origin of self-knowledge and energy, as represented by the crown. The critical step to embodying True Leadership is identifying the source of inspiration for yourself.


We come from the understanding that leadership is neither a position nor a job title reserved for the few. We are all leaders because we are the ones leading our lives. We lead best by honoring ourselves – our unique purpose, our values and strongest attributes. Coming from this inspirational center, we naturally make a difference in our workplaces, communities and families.


For this curriculum we form the basis with the day workshop with its deep personal reflection and the increased awareness about oneself. In the following webinars we discuss how to bring more ease into the achievement of goals and what it means to be resilient and manage your energies. In the last webinar we close the circle and gain an understanding of our influence on others. We also offer some tools to make you more aware of your own network. 


All modules require a high degree of openness for reflection and trust in the exchange between participants. 


The whole curriculum can be adapted to be a complete online program as well.