Hello, my name is Christina Gottschau and I welcome you to my site.

Love your fate. Live your fate. Sometimes an almost impossible task or even the sheer mockery, depending on what life has in store for us.


Being affected by a non-visible severe disability myself since the age of six, the idea of Amor Fati has a deep meaning for me.


Change what we can change and accept what we cannot change. That to me is the thought behind Friedrich Nietzsche's saying.


Especially when the going gets tough Amor Fati encourages me. It then reminds me to consciously pay attention to my perspective and to use my energy purposefully so that I am not wasting my resources.

Our attitude shapes our perspective

In our mind, we are completely aware of this. And the more positive our attitude, the more joyful and happy we go through life. Actually, it could all be very easy.


But it isn't. Not always. Sometimes positive just doesn't work and can even become toxic.


There are many reasons why life also has its tough moments.


With small, as well as big changes, we sometimes get more or less out of balance. Or, things accumulate until we can no longer help but realize that something is out of whack for us.


With a watchful eye on our perspective, we can make a big difference. Ideally before our whole system collapses. Allocating our energy the way we can and want to.


With mindfulness, resilience and a good knowledge of ourselves.


Most of my professional career has been in the corporate world. My great passion was and still is the topic of diversity and inclusion. In corporate jargon, the discipline is now widely known as Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI for short). In everything I do, I am committed to creating a trusting environment in which everyone can feel safe and can contribute with their unique strengths.


I have been immersed in the world of coaching since 2016 and have enjoyed excellent trainings that also look beyond the offerings in Germany.


You can read more about my background on the "About me" page.


My very personal world of experiences has taught me how important the connection between mind and body is. How important, in addition to nurturing our mind, physical exercise and our eating habits are. Again, things that we already know, yet we often postpone their implementation.


How can I help you?

If you are stuck in your life right now, coaching may help you.


No matter what things or decisions you face, there is always a choice. Our perspective shapes our next steps.


Coaching helps to see our choices better, to break down complexity and to dare new directions through the reflection of our personal values that lead to sustainable positive changes in our lives.


Besides gaining a better knowledge of ourselves, we sharpen our ability to be present, mindful and resilient. In doing so, we strengthen our mental and physical well-being. Even more so when we have a chronified stress. 


In case you're wondering what the spoons in the picture are about... there's a story to that, too, of course. And I will tell you all about it personally. 


Have I made you curious to come along on your way a little bit? Then get in touch with me. I look forward to hearing from you.


Be courageous. Stay curious. Get in touch.

Raven By Tina & Raven Business Transformations

The Raven to me stands as a symbol for different perspectives. Depending on how we look at it, a raven can have a positive or negative meaning for us. This fits perfectly into the coaching world and also all topics in the field of Diversity Management.


BTina to me represents the influence from our childhood. Especially in coaching and with the lens of psychology, this has a very forming imprint on us. Tina, in my adult life, is basically only existent for my family and friends from childhood days. Christina is my regular calling name. In my work as a coach, I would like to bring an understanding of this holistic view.



Business Transformations relates to my work as a consultant and trainer for Diversity Managment. This has been my focus over the past years and I am still available for all companies that have a serious interest in changing their systems and culture.

Clear. Inclusive. Deep.