Coaching is Not Counseling

Unlike therapists and counselors, coaches don't focus on childhood, past experiences or other “root causes” of feelings and behaviors. Instead, they help clients get clear on what they want in the future, why they want it and how they are going to achieve it.

Coaching Is Not Consulting

Consultants diagnose the needs of an organization or individual and offer their own solutions based on their specialized expertise to “fix” the problem. They may also implement the solutions. Coaches use tools and processes to help clients generate their own solutions and then hold them accountable for following through.

Business and Life Coaching Are Not Like Sports Coaching

You might hear the word "coach" and think sports, but sports coaches take charge, setting the team’s goals and guiding them on the path to victory. While a sports coach teaches, corrects and manages, a business or life coach follows the client’s lead, calling forth their inner wisdom and encouraging them to set the goals.

In essence coaching is helping you get clear, create a plan and take the practical steps needed to gain the results you desire.