Wouldn’t it be great if your whole team could step into a ten-minute “wisdom shower” and come out totally equipped to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace?


Meanwhile, back in real life, if you want people to relate in new ways, you have to take the time for focused training that informs — and inspires — your team to open their minds to new understanding and possibilities. Training is to be seen as a supplement element on your journey. It will only provide a sustainable meaning if it is tied into your company’s overall Diversity & Inclusion strategy.

Raven Business Transformations offers a broad range of engaging trainings, from giving a basic framework for Diversity and Inclusion, to answering deeper specific questions such as:

  • What does culture have to do with the way we communicate with each other?
  • What is a bias and why is it important to understand?
  • What role does it play in the hiring process?
  • How does it impact the discussion about employee potential and the naming of successors in leading roles?
  • Why are we still stuck with the talk about Gender quotas?
  • How can we develop inclusive leadership skills?
  • Why is my product or service a success in one area but a failure in another?
  • What is all this talk about Employee Resource Groups?

Training Formats Tailored to Your Needs

Raven Business Transformations offers traditional face-to-face classroom training, if that’s what works best for your organization. We also offer advanced interactive trainings based in online collaboration.


Online trainings using modern tools are not the kind of eLearning you “consume” passively, like watching a video. They are interactive and therefore FUN to attend. Because you can access them from anywhere in the world, you save travel time, money and inconvenience.


Interactive online trainings allow you to avoid the stress of travel so you can be much more focused, making these trainings ideal for sustainable learning. Less stress means you are more likely to remember what you learn and relate it to real-world experience.


And only when we apply our learning in the world do we have a chance to become part of a change process. Like Gandhi’s famous words: “BE the change you wish to see in the world!”


Contact me and we will find out what training would benefit your organization most.